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DV provides creators with everything they need to protect their IP.

You can count on us to provide professional and accessible  IP safeguarding. With us, you can manage your IP asset from the palm of your hand.

Who are we?

Deus Vault is a leading UK-based innovator in music IP protection technologies.
Through our innovative technology, music creators can focus on what is important - making music. Deus Vault takes care of the rest - protecting creators from potential legal issues.

What do we do?

The song first undergoes a vocal separation, where the vocal and the instrumental sounds are split. Our technology then compares the split song to other pre-registered songs within our vast customised database. Thus, ensuring that creators are not infringing on music IP. 

Your creations are safe with us.

Your original songs and valuable creations are protected through our music deposit.
You can extract these as evidence in the case of copyright infringement.

We take care of your music data.

Our monitor feature is able to scan the internet to find potential IP violations.

Legal Support & Speedy Justice.

Cost-effective legal service at a moment's notice. Exclusive standard legal service from top tier lawyers in the UK.

How It Works for Clients?


Creators and Labels provide DV with their reference original music.


DV’s algorithm scans mainstream platforms to identify the original work, its derivative works, and their usage volume and channel.


DV analyses and highlights the most likely cases of unreported use and infringing derivative works.


DV claims compensation or issues a notice to takedown on the Creators/Labels’ behalf.

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