A secure way to store your documents throughout the stages of your creation process which can be used as evidence in court
in case of copyright infringement.

A monitoring feature that scans the internet to find possible intellectual property violations.

Cost-effective legal service at a moment’s notice.

Create more songs, Safer.

Earn more money
with your creation
Simply upload your creation onto the platform. Once originality is confirmed, your intellectual property will be timestamped using blockchain technology.

Monitor IP & Control

Stop waiting, be aware of IP stealings
Our technology will monitor the internet to ensure no one infringes on your copyright.
We will send you the risk report if there are potential risks. Every song matter, every pound matters.

Legal Support &
Speedy justice

Protect me
If your IP is stolen, all you need to do is request notarial evidence from our platform. This will greatly reduce a lawyer’s due diligence work and related costs. This also allows us to provide you a bespoke IP strategy with more affordable prices, enabling you to earn more money in a safer way.

Safer creation, better control
& speedy justice
You Create, We Secure.

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